Festival of the Future 4GAMECHANGERS

16 May 2023, Vienna, Austria

The international digital festival 4GAMECHANGERS was held in Vienna, bringing together experts from various industries – technology, media, politics, and business – who inspire thousands of people worldwide with their speeches.

Among the speakers on the panel “From Vision to Reality – Tech Solutions That Will Shape Our Society” was Jelena Tadić, the Executive Director of PPP Investment. She emphasized that technological solutions implemented through the public-private partnership model are a powerful means of shaping our society for a better future.

Tadić highlighted that by combining the strengths of the public and private sectors, the PPP model transforms infrastructure, applies new technologies, leads to increased economic growth, addresses social challenges, and promotes sustainable development.

PPP is currently the best solution in Serbia for shaping a better future because the private partner brings knowledge, experience, and innovative technology, creating a win-win situation. With adequate governance structures and a commitment to the public interest, the PPP model represents the future. Serbia is a leader in implementing this model in the region, and we will continue to prepare public-private partnership projects to improve and fulfill the quality of life for the population” said Tadić.

Other panel participants included Kathi Vidal (US Government), Juliana Rotich (Safaricom PLC), Walter Kreisel (neeom), Laura Fariello (Wien Energie), Alex Brix (Canva), and Matthias Fiegl (Smart Digital). The conference was also graced by the presence of Austrian Chancellor Mr. Karl Nehammer and international law and human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

4GAMECHANGERS is a three-day conference-festival that discusses how past achievements impact the future and combines entertainment, music, and the promotion of innovations. The event is inspired by the idea that digital transformation is a global good, contributes to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, renews democratic discourse, and addresses global crises such as war, climate change, pandemics, and economic crises.